BlogPlanet - Mobile Photo Blogging made easy!

BlogPlanet Logo With BlogPlanet, updating your blog while you're on the go is as easy as writing an SMS. It runs on your mobile or Palm handheld and lets you write new blog entries, send them to your blog, edit them afterwards and delete them. On top of that, you can take pictures with the mobile's built-in camera and include them in your posts.

Here's an overview of BlogPlanet's features:

  • Create, edit and delete posts
  • Comfortable full screen editing
  • User dictionary for shortcuts for frequently used words and phrases
  • Take pictures with the built-in camera
  • Easily include the pictures in your posts, without having to enter HTML code
  • Supports the Blogger- and MetaWeblogAPI for compatibility with a most blog sites
  • English, German, Spanish and Czech language support
And here are some screenshots.

BlogPlanet is a J2ME blog client and works with most modern mobile phones supporting the mobile media api (JSR 135). A light version is available for users of other Java enabled phones which offers the same functions as the full version except camera support and picture upload.

RSS Orbit - A feed reader for mobiles

RSS Orbit logo Want to read your favorite blogs or news feeds on your mobile? Then RSS Orbit is what you need. As an ideal companion to BlogPlanet it loads RSS/RDF and Atom feeds from the net and saves them so they can be viewed repeatedly, minimizing transfer costs.

Zeus - A file manager, viewer and editor

Zeus LogoYou are a developer and need to take a look behind the scenes in the file system of your mobile phone? Zeus lets you browse all folders and drives, copy, move, rename and delete files, create new folders, view text files and photos and edit small text files. But be warned: Zeus is so powerful, it can delete vital system data and make your phone unusable. Use it only if you know what you are doing!

You are welcome to download a trial version now, test it and send us your feedback.