3 simple steps to moblogging
Step 1: Get a blog account

First you need to get a blog account. Blogger.com offers free accounts which work great for starters. If you also want to upload pictures to your blog, you need an account like the ones offered at TypePad.
If you're an advanced user and already have your own webspace or server on the Internet, you can install your own blog server. We recommend MovableType or Nucleus because they support all functions of BlogPlanet.

After signing up, log in and make your first test post from your web browser to make sure everything is working properly.

Step 2: Download BlogPlanet

This is very easy: Start your phone's Internet-browser and add a new bookmark (Options menu). For "Name" enter BlogPlanet and for "Address" enter http://www.blogplanet.net/files/BlogPlanet.jad. Save this bookmark. Then open it by selecting it in the main bookmarks view and pressing the joystick. After a moment of connecting you will be asked if you would like to download and install BlogPlanet. Answer yes. BlogPlanet will then be downloaded to your phone and installed automatically.

Step 3: Setup BlogPlanet

Start BlogPlanet. Go to Settings, Site Properties.
If you are using a Blogger.com account, use these settings:
  Host name: www.blogger.com
  Port: 80
  Endpoint: /api/RPC2
  Picture support: disable
If you are using a TypePad account, use these settings:
  Host name: www.typepad.com
  Port: 80
  Endpoint: /t/api
  Picture support: enable
Save these settings.
Setup information for other servers is available here.
Next go to User Properties. Enter the username and password that you use to login to the blog server. Then select "Get blogs" from the menu and choose your blog. This will insert the blog id for you. Save the settings.

Now you're all set to write your first post from your mobile. Go back to the main menu and select New Post. Write your text. You can use the commands in the Options menu to insert line breaks, bold and italic text and add words from BlogPlanet's user dictionary. When you are done, press OK. Then you can send the post to the server or save it for later review and sending.