Downloading BlogPlanet mobile phone software

Here you can download BlogPlanet, RSS Orbit and Zeus. You can either install the programs from your PC or directly from your phone. For direct installation, simply open the Application Descriptor URL (.jad) in your phone's browser. For PC installation, download both links below (.jar and .jad) and use your phone's synchronization software to install the programs.

Users of PalmOS devices need to install SUN's MIDP for Palm OS first if it's not installed yet. Then download the Palm version of the program. Unzip the file and install it the usual way with the Palm Desktop or other synchronisation software.

By downloading the program, you agree to the conditions specified in the user manual section 7. If you like the program, please register it or donate. If not registered, BlogPlanet adds a footer with reference to this page to each post and RSS Orbit will regularly show you a message asking you to register.

BlogPlanet logo BlogPlanet - the photo blog client

BlogPlanet 1.2.8 jad (1k) jar (88k)

BlogPlanet 1.2.6 for Siemens 65-series mobiles
jad (1k) jar (91k)

BlogPlanetLE 1.2.2 jad (1k) jar (74k)

BlogPlanetLE 1.2.2 for Palm zip (58k)

User Manual as PDF (49k)

Not sure which version to download? Check our FAQ

RSS Orbit logo RSS Orbit - the mobile RSS feed reader

RSS Orbit 1.2.2 jad (1k) jar (33k)

RSS Orbit 1.2.1 for Palm zip (29k)

Zeus logo Zeus - the file manager, viewer and editor

Zeus 0.1 jad (1k) jar (26k) For Siemens 65 Series mobiles

Zeus 0.2 jad (1k) jar (30k) For all mobiles supporting JSR 75 file system access