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Believe it or not, I started my first blog!

BlogPlanet version 1.2.8 removes text size limit in editor.

BlogPlanet successfully tested with the Nokia N95.

WordPress successfully tested with BlogPlanet, support pages updated.

Update to the original BlogPlanet: 1.2.7. Fixes a bug with the camera viewfinder and should work with some phones where the old versions wouldn't start. Tested with Nokia N80.

There is a new beta version of BlogPlanet, which lets you upload images you took with your phone before starting BlogPlanet. This is a cleaner way than taking pictures from within BlogPlanet, so that function was removed. However this requires a device that supports file system access from Java (JSR 75). If you want to test this version, send us an email.

Zeus, the file manager was updated: It now works with all phones that support JSR75 (file system access), you can use it to edit small text files and you can open files with their default application of the phone (e.g. the media player).

RSS Orbit was updated to version 1.2.2. Improved Atom parsing and some minor fixes.

There is a special version of BlogPlanet for Siemens 65-series of phones now (C65, CX65, CFX65, M65, S65, SL65). It can access the pictures you took before with the phone's camera app, from phone memory or the MMC if your phone has one.

BlogPlanet updated to version 1.2.6, just some small fixes and improved debugging in case of connection problems.

New program released: Zeus!
Zeus is a file manager for Siemens 65 series phones. It lets you browse all folders in your phone memory and memory card, view pictures and text files, copy, move, delete, rename files and create new folders.
Get Zeus in the download section.

Updated BlogPlanet to version 1.2.5. Added a workaround to make picture uploads work on 20six. Camera click now sounds immediately on first shot.

RSS Orbit got some bug fixes and parsing speed was increased. Version 1.2.1 now works correctly with feeds on 20six.

BlogPlanet has been updated to version 1.2.4. Now the camera click sound can be disabled.

Just in time for the weekend: RSS Orbit version 1.2. New features: Support for Atom feeds, auto-follow moved feeds, faster loading, improved text rendering, several bugs fixed. Please register RSS Orbit if you find it useful, it's only 10 Euros.

2004-03-12 have changed the URL for their XML-RPC interface. So if you have your blog there, make sure you change "host" in the server settings to "".

RSS Orbit is updated to version 1.1. Improved text rendering and some bug fixes.

It was time for a new program since only posting to a blog makes you tired. Now you can read your favorite blogs and RSS feeds with "RSS Orbit". Unlike other RSS readers, Orbit caches the feeds and reloads them only after a given time. So you can connect and load your feeds when it's convenient and read them later on. It's on the download page for you to try.

Webpage updated. A 3-step moblogging starter's guide and server setup information is now available. This should make things much easier for people that are new to the subject of blogging.

BlogPlanet 1.2.2 released. Fixes a problem with the Get Blogs feature on and probably others.

BlogPlanet LE for Palm devices available. Requires SUN's MIDP for Palm OS.

BlogPlanet 1.2 released. Easier setup with blog list retrieval (no more looking for blog id), Czech language support, faster startup, several small improvements and bug fixes.

There is now a support group at Yahoo Groups. Tell us what you think about the program and have your questions answered:

BlogPlanet 1.1 with support for titles on MovableType blogs and an intermediate photo resultion (240x180 pixels) released. Also some minor bug fixes. Caution: If you update from an older version, due to the new internal data structure, the entries saved on the phone will be removed from memory. If you are not using a MovableType blog, turn off the "MT Server" option in the server settings. From this version on, trial versions won't expire anymore.

BlogPlanet 1.0.2 released. New features: Auto-tag-closing for bold and italic tags in case you forget and a new option in the settings that lets you turn off all confirmation dialogs. Fixed some small bugs as well. Trial versions will run until 31 July.

BlogPlanet LE Version 1.0.1 released. Fixes a registration bug.
Webpage updated with a compatibility list.

Version 1.0 released.

Some cosmetical changes were made in both versions. Archives updated. If you decide to install the update, your settings, posts and pictures will be preserved.

BlogPlanet Light is available for phones without Java camera support (see our FAQ).

A pre-release version of BlogPlanet is available, please check the Download page for more information.

Website online!