Shareware Registration

You've tested BlogPlanet and/or RSS Orbit and would like to keep using it? Then register now. Registering will remove the footer that is added to each post in BlogPlanet and RSS Orbit won't show its "plese register" messages any more. Registered users will receive all upgrades until the next major version number for free.
The price for a single license of BlogPlanet or RSS Orbit is 10 Euros or the equivalent in US$ (currently approx. $12.50). A rebate of 5 Euros is available if you register both BlogPlanet and RSS Orbit. If you are interested in bulk registration, send us an email.

Registering can be done in several ways:

  • Transfering the money to our account
  • Sending us a check
  • Paying through PayPal (recommended)
  • Online purchase at Handango
  • Online purchase at (Palm version only)

In any case, send us an email and tell us which program on which phone or PDA model you are using. Depending on where you live, we will work out the easiest way for you to pay. After payment is received, we will send you a key that will unlock your program. You don't need to download and install another version.