What is a blog?
A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically - like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly - from news about a person or project, to diaries, vacation reports, poetry, mini-essays or commentary about other web sites. What makes blogging so interesting is that it's easy and instantaneous.
Many blogs are personal, "what's on my mind" type musings. Others are collaborative efforts based on a specific topic or area of mutual interest. Some blogs are for play. Some are for work. Some are both.

Blogs are also excellent team/department/company/family communication tools. They help small groups communicate in a way that is simpler and easier to follow than email or discussion forums. Use a private blog on an intranet to allow team members to post related links, files, quotes, or commentary. Set up a family blog where relatives can share personal news. A blog can help keep everyone in the loop, promote cohesiveness and group culture.

Want to see how it looks? These sites have lists of popular blogs.

What is moblogging?
Updating a blog from a mobile device like a phone or PDA is called mobile blogging or moblogging. The combination of the instant publishing of blogs and the ability to write while on the move makes moblogging the most direct and up to date way of publishing. See something, take a picture, write a comment - and let the world know in real-time.